How to Find a General Liability Insurance Agent
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If you're looking for General Liability Insurance for your small business, you might have a few questions about insurance agents, including:

  • Are there different types of insurance agents?
  • Are there agents that specialize in small business insurance?
  • What are some of the pitfalls to avoid when working with insurance agents?

The short answer is that there are many types of insurance agents, and knowing which ones to work with can save you money while helping you get General Liability coverage designed for your small business.

Are There Different Types of Insurance Agents?

Business insurance agents come in many varieties: some are generalists while others are specialists, and some work exclusively with one company while others can help you secure insurance from multiple insurance carriers.

It's important to understand these differences. By doing so, you can get a better balance of coverage and cost. Take a look:

  • Generalist insurance agents. These agents sell policies to all sorts of businesses. Some insurers have a one-size-fits-all business model, employing lots of agents who work with any type of business. These insurance companies figure that it's not worth their time to match a business with an agent who has experience working with that industry.
  • Specialist insurance agents. Agents at some insurance companies only work with customers in specific fields. For instance, an agent might specialize in insurance for car mechanics and only work with small auto shop businesses. The benefits of working with these agents are that they understand the risks of your industry and can find policies that fit your business specifically.
  • Captive insurance agents. Another difference you might find among agents is that some insurance agents (aka "captive" agents) only work with one insurer. This limits the products available to them and locks them into selling at the price set by the insurance carrier.
  • Independent insurance agents. Other agents (called "independent" agents) work with multiple insurance companies, which gives you (the small-businesses owner) more flexibility. You’ll be able to choose from multiple prices and coverage products.

For what it’s worth, insureon employs independent, specialized insurance agents. This means we have agents with experience in your industry that can work with multiple providers in order to find you the General Liability Insurance quotes you need.

Are There Insurance Companies That Specialize in Small Business Insurance?

Yes, small-business owners will be happy to know that some insurance companies only sell to small businesses. This is important because small businesses face different challenges than their larger counterparts. Your budgets are tighter and you need insurance agents who can help you find effective coverage that won't empty your bank account.

Small business insurance agents make sure that the coverage you get is what you need — no more and no less.

Small business agents can also help you get certain policies that lower your insurance premiums. A Business Owner's Policy is one such policy. BOPs bundle General Liability Insurance and Property Insurance together, but cost less than buying them separately. These deals are only available to small businesses, and specialist agents will look to see if you qualify.

What to Avoid When Finding General Liability Insurance with an Agent

Some insurance companies make it hard for small businesses to get a free insurance quote. It goes like this: you call up an insurer, answer a lot of questions, and finally after putting in a lot of time on the phone they give you one insurance quote.

By the time you've finally gotten an insurance quote, you don't want to repeat that whole process just to get another quote from another insurance company. No thank you. You'll spend hours just getting a few quotes to compare.

At insureon, we take a different approach that makes more sense for small businesses. You can call us or submit a simple online insurance form, and we'll send you multiple quotes for free (usually by the end of the day). This way, you'll have more quotes to choose from, and you'll be able to get them faster.

Remember, we employ a network of specialist insurance agents who work with multiple carriers to get you the insurance you need.

So if you call wanting information about insurance for your dog kennel business, you'll work with an insurance agent who's actually found insurance for other dog kennels before. You'll get quick, accurate quotes designed for small businesses. Contact us today!

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