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Most public speakers gained their insight through firsthand experience, and it's their life's work to share those insights with others. Whether through business advice, motivational personal stories, or humorous antics, they provide keynote performances for conventions and gatherings nationwide.

Though the field isn't known for being high risk (even if your performance is full of stories about facing monumental obstacles), it's still important to have a safety net in case someone decides to sue you. For instance, a misguided audience member could sue you, claiming the advice you imparted caused them to lose money. Such a risk is just part of engaging professionally with the public.

That's why our agents recommend that public speakers carry the following insurance policies:

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Whether you're known for leading a successful company or surviving a harrowing adventure, your public speaking business means constant planning and traveling. So don't waste time when it comes to finding appropriate insurance. Instead, complete an online application, and let our agents do the hard work for you.

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