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Business Insurance for Independent Human Resource Consulting Firms

Because human resources needs fluctuate throughout the year, many businesses and corporations turn to independent human resource consulting firms like yours in order to address internal HR problems or projects. Some HR consulting firms specialize in a certain area — human capital or recruitment, for example — while others offer consulting services in all the core HR fields, from orchestrating health & benefits programs to creating transition plans for mergers and acquisitions.

Because the scope and size of HR consulting firms can vary so greatly, your company will need a different business protection plan than the firm across town. Additionally, each state has different laws and regulations concerning professional certifications and insurance requirements. Insureon works with agents familiar with the needs of HR consultants — below is a list of the insurance policies most often purchased by business owners like you…

Each of these policies can be adjusted to suit the specific needs of your HR consulting firm. Read on to learn more about these coverages and how you can mold them to address the specific risks of your firm.

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