Software developers

Software developers
What you need to know about software liability

Your business could face a costly lawsuit if a defect in your software leads to property damage or physical injury. Here’s what you should know about software product liability and how to protect...

IT / Technology
11 tech startup ideas for home businesses
It’s never too late to fulfill your dreams and set up your small business from home. Here are 11 high-tech business ideas to help you jump-start your career as an entrepreneur.
Software developers
6 ways software developers can earn repeat customers
Retaining your existing customers is a great way to build your business because you won't have to spend money acquiring new clients.
Software developers
Top 5 agile software development methodologies
Agile software development methodologies can improve a company's focus and productivity. They allow requirements and products to evolve through the collaboration of cross-functional teams.
Software developers
How tech companies can avoid software development risks
You can't eliminate the risks associated with software development, but there are steps your business can take to avoid them.
Starting a business
How to become a software developer
Becoming a successful software developer requires finding your own niche and undergoing the proper training.
IT / Technology
Minimizing the top 3 liabilities for software and app developers
Software and app developers should be on the lookout for copyright infringement, data breaches, and potential professional liability claims.
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Save money by comparing insurance quotes from multiple carriers
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