6 client communication tips from top business consultants

Top business consultants recommend clear and concise communication with your clients and frequent updates to avoid misunderstandings. Arm yourself with professional liability insurance to avoid...

Workers’ comp coverage tips for multi-state businesses
Businesses that work across state lines have unique workers' compensation obligations. Find out how to purchase workers’ comp for your business when you have employees in multiple states.
'Sue the consultants' mindset still a professional liability risk
When things go wrong in business, many companies shift the blame to their consultants. This article explores why it's still common for consultants to be seen as scapegoats.
Traveling for clients? 3 tips for business consultants
These tips for business consultants can help you manage your expenses, keep your clients happy, and show what you can deduct on a business trip.
Can business consultants have HIPAA liability?
HIPAA violations can lead to $1 million fines. If consultants are hired by healthcare companies, they need to know this law and be ready to meet its standards.
4 types of professional liability lawsuits (and how to avoid them)
Why do consultants get sued? Learn how to avoid disputes and gain protection against four common lawsuits with consultant insurance.
7 ways to improve a consulting firm’s cash flow problems
To avoid cash flow and budgetary problems, consultants can use these seven tricks to manage irregular revenue and improve their firm's finances.
IT / Technology
Have clients in healthcare? Understand the professional liability exposures
HIPAA and HITECH are data security regulations that can affect any healthcare company. Learn more about how they affect your liability.
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