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The most in-demand skills for freelance data scientists

14. May 2019 22:39

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By Linda Rosencrance, Insureon Contributor

Today, organizations live and die on information, or more precisely on the insights they extract from that information, whether it’s to anticipate the behaviors of their customers or determine where to spend their advertising dollars.

As such, more companies are looking to hire freelance data scientists to help them analyze trends, solve complex problems, and glean meaning from massive amounts of data. You’ll likely find freelance data science jobs in a variety of fields, including tech startups, transportation, biotechnology, and telecommunications.

A freelance data scientist typically needs at least a bachelor’s degree in computer science, social sciences, physical sciences, math and statistics, or other related fields. You may also need a master’s degree in computer science or a related field, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.

In addition, you’ll need to integrate your IT knowledge with other in-demand technical and nontechnical skills, including programming, data visualization, and communication.

Technical skills

To start a career as a freelance data scientist, you’ll need to know a number of technical skills including:

Nontechnical skills

To be a leading freelance data scientist, you’ll also need to continue to develop some essential nontechnical skills, including:

Protect your data science company

Business intelligence and data mining professionals face business risks every day that could lead to costly and time-consuming lawsuits. For instance, a client could claim that actions taken on recommendations from your data analysis caused widespread financial damages. The costs to defend yourself from a lawsuit – even if it’s unwarranted – could harm the future of your freelance business.

Technology insurance offers some financial protection from risks. Errors and omissions insurance covers disputes with clients about your work, and cyber liability insurance can protect your data science company against liability and expenses due to the loss of data or an external data breach.


Cyber Risk Insurance

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