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Learn from a tech giant with Google IT support certification

15. March 2019 16:29

Technology training session

By Linda Rosencrance, Insureon Contributor

Having a great idea is just the first step to running a successful tech company. Starting a new IT business also means you have to acquire the necessary skills to meet the demands of your clients.

For IT support services, earning a certification can immediately show clients that you are familiar with best practices in the trade. Participating in a business development program from a leading tech company, such as Google IT certification, can also help set you apart from the competition.

Google IT support certification

Google offers several IT certification programs through Grow with Google, the company’s initiative to create more economic opportunities for Americans.

One of the key programs in the initiative is the Google IT Support Professional Certificate, aimed at training IT support professionals. Developed by Googlers and offered through Coursera for $49 per month, the five-course program offers hands-on labs combined with interactive assessments.

The course is ideal for entrepreneurs who are considering starting a new IT business or professionals interested in learning more about troubleshooting and customer service, networking, operating systems, system administration, automation, and security – all the fundamentals of IT support that are critical for your business to succeed.

The Google IT Support Professional Certificate program consists of a total of 64 hours of coursework over five courses, including:

Technology insurance to protect your IT startup

Although Google can help you gain the experience you need to run a successful tech business through its Google IT certification program, it doesn’t offer training in another critical aspect – how to protect your business once you start taking on clients.

Information technology business insurance covers the risks that small IT businesses like yours face every day, such as software errors, products that malfunction, and data breaches, which can lead to expensive, time-consuming lawsuits.

The insurance you need to protect your tech startup includes:

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