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These 5 Revolutionary War Icons Started Out in Small Biz

29. June 2016 15:55

Silouhettes of founding fathers on a blue background

With hot dogs sizzling on the grill, parades marching down Main Street, and bottle rockets zipping into the summer night, it’s easy to forget how much has changed since the original Fourth of July when a group of upstart colonists declared their independence from the greatest world power of modern history.

As it turns out, if you look at the key figures of the Revolution, you’ll find many of them share a common thread: small business.

Yes, small business made a big difference in those early days. Colonists – the original bootstrappers – opened up shops as silversmiths, upholsterers, and printers, rolled up their sleeves, and worked hard to make ends meet in a brave new world.

Here’s a look at five war heroes and the small businesses they ran when they weren’t busy, you know, overthrowing a government.

5 Revolutionary War Icons Who Started Out in Small Biz



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