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Small Business Insurance & Social Media: Are You Protected?

26. April 2016 08:20

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Twenty years ago, social media consisted of chat rooms on America Online (AOL for the uninitiated) and linked webrings on Yahoo! GeoCities. Now you can hardly find a website that doesn’t have a string of buttons encouraging you to like, share, and tweet.

In a lot of ways, that’s a boon to your small business. Social media lets you stretch your advertising dollar further because it’s an easy way to:

The flip side, however, is the possibility of a mistake. Post the wrong thing on social media and you could be sued for an advertising injury.

You can find plenty of in-depth information about protecting your business in our free eBook Tweet or Twibel: The Small-Business Owner’s Guide to Advertising Injury. But if you’re in a time-crunch, this post can serve as a primer on advertising injury and how you can avoid it.

What Is Advertising Injury?

Advertising injury is a type of third-party personal injury. Typically, you hear personal injury and think car accident or a slip-and-fall mishap. Just remember that for insurance, personal injury refers to damages that don’t cause bodily harm. For advertising injury, that may mean instances of:

Get more details about the different types of advertising injury in Chapter 2 of Tweet or Twibel.

How to Reduce Your Advertising Injury Risk

The more you use social media, the more chances you have of slipping up and posting a libelous tweet. But once you’ve drunk the Twitter Kool-Aid, how can you give it up? It helps make advertising so much simpler.

Chapter 7 of Tweet or Twibel provides tips for reducing the possibility of an advertising injury claim, including…

These steps can reduce your risk, but nothing is a 100 percent effective. Luckily, most General Liability Insurance includes advertising injury protection. This coverage may pay for your legal defense should you face a lawsuit. Read through your General Liability policy with an insurance professional to see if you’re covered.


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