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5 Helpful Accounts to Follow for Small Businesses Going Green

14. April 2016 08:15

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Wanting to be an eco-friendly business is one thing, but actually making it happen is another. While setting out a blue bin for recyclables is an admirable step, you might also want to think about:

That’s a lot to think about, but it’s worth the effort. Small businesses that go green often reap rewards, such as good press and tax breaks. Some even see a reduction in commercial insurance claims (read more about that in the post “Workers’ Comp Benefits of Going Green”).

Need a little inspiration to help you to reduce your carbon footprint? Here are five Twitter accounts you can follow to get ideas on how to make your office a greener place.  

1.  @Ecopreneurist

If you want advice on running a business that is both sustainable and profitable, check out The Ecopreneurist. This feed offers crowdfunding tips, green franchise opportunities, and the latest eco-business trends, such as the company that wants to cut the amount of plastic cutlery in landfills by making edible spoons.

2. @FunGreenTips

Thanks to their dire warnings about cataclysmic climate change, environmentalists have racked up an unfortunately dour reputation. But The Fun Times Guide to Living Green shows you that an eco-friendly life doesn’t have to be so serious.

The simple ideas presented on the account may not save the world, but they can move people toward a greener lifestyle. Get tips from their curated collection of environmental news and incorporate them into the day-to-day operations of your small business.

3. @EPAgreenbldg

The Environmental Protection Agency has a Twitter feed, but the EPA’s Green Building Program account offers practical tips you can implement around the office. Check it out for breaking news, grant opportunities, and suggestions for improving energy efficiency and reducing toxins in your building.

4. @greenerideal

The Greener Ideal feed offers a mixture of news, commentary, reviews, and recipes, but within that mix, you can find ideas for making your office more eco-friendly. For example, you could learn how to use 3-D printers to make solar panels and how to make renewable energy part of your daily operations.

5. @cleantechnica

If you're interested in clean technologies, you may want to follow CleanTechnica, which focuses on renewable energy sources and energy storage and efficiency. CleanTechnica tweets stories that debunk widespread myths about clean energy and inspire people to make the most of the clean technologies available. Check out this story about the limits of carbon pricing for an example.

Many of the suggestions in these Twitter feeds may seem like small steps, but that simply means they're easier for you to accomplish. And when it comes to climate change, every little bit helps.

Do you have tips for small-business owners who want to go green? Tweet @insureon to share them with us!


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