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5 Twitter Accounts to Follow to Keep Your Spring Cleaning on Track All Year

25. March 2016 09:01

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It's easy enough to clean or organize your business once a year. But as you know, you need to be consistent if you want to reap the benefits of a tidy workplace and cut down on the risk of E&O claims, slip-and-fall accidents, and workplace injuries.

To give you a little inspiration, we rounded up these five Twitter feeds that offer cleaning, organizing, and time management tips throughout the year.

1. @lifehacker

Lifehacker may not always focus on cleaning, but its tips are in the spirit of staying on the ball, and isn't that what spring cleaning is all about?

You probably won't ever need to make a MacGyver-style wire stripper out of items in your junk drawer, but this feed has plenty of practical advice, too. Check in to see how to negotiate lower hotel rates or when to file your business taxes with an online service to save the most money.

2. @TwitterSmallBiz

If you do any type of social media marketing, you'd be remiss not to follow this account. It regularly offers up tips on how to use Twitter for business marketing and shares success stories from small businesses. It even shows you how to "spring clean" your Twitter feed. #win

Keep in mind that social media marketing can expose your business to advertising injury risks, so check your General Liability Insurance – most policies offer coverage for lawsuits over copyright infringement, libel, privacy invasion, and more. Learn how to reduce your risk in our free eBook Tweet or Twibel: The Small-Business Owner's Guide to Advertising Injury.

3. @TMNinja

We've recommended you check out Craig Jarrow's Time Management Ninja blog before (see "14 Essential Time Management Resources for Freelancers"), but if you just want the spark notes, be sure to follow his Twitter feed. You'll find regular pointers on which activities you can purge and streamline so you can spend more time on growing your business.

4. @MarieKondo

If you are a sentient being in the year 2016, chances are you've heard of Marie Kondo’s best-selling book The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up. Kondo's famed "KonMari" method encourages folks to organize their lives by a deceptively simple principle: only keep items that fill you with joy.

You can't KonMari all of your business life. There will always be something you don't necessarily like but need to have on hand, such as documentation of communication with difficult clients in case their unhappiness spirals into an Errors & Omissions lawsuit against your business. But Marie Kondo's feed is full of articles that show how her methodology can be adapted to tidy up offices or to streamline data.

5. @OrganizedLiving

This feed offers year-round cleaning tips that you can apply to your work space to reduce clutter, stay organized, and cut down on germs that can lead to sick days and lost productivity.

One compelling reason to follow through on these pointers? Clutter can lead to visitor injuries on your premises and lawsuits. Your General Liability policy may help pay for the legal expenses associated with these claims, but try to think of it as a last line of defense when other safety measures fail.

The same idea applies to your workplace. Your business is responsible for employee injuries that happen on the job, so be sure to keep walkways clear to reduce the chance of Workers' Compensation Insurance claims.

Did we miss an organization-focused account you love? Tweet @insureon to tell us about it!


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