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Some of My Favorite Things in 2016

12. February 2016 07:54

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There are a lot of things I love about being an entrepreneur, such as meeting so many other small-business owners and the people who want to help them. One of my favorite parts of running my business is spotting trends and predicting what will be hot in the coming year. I always have my eye out for what’s new, what might just be a fad, and what is sure to have staying power. Now I want to share what I know with you.

Here are some of my favorite trends for 2016: mobile wallets, beauty apps, and seriously good eats.

It’s a Mobile’s Moment

While the EMV chip and the switch to chip cards was all the buzz in 2015, the actual deadline came and went without many businesses participating. (Excuses ran from “We can’t find the time to teach our staff” to “The equipment is in but not connected.”) According to The Washington Post, the adoption of chip credit cards actually makes transactions slower (barely, but still), meaning more consumers will migrate to using mobile wallets that allow them to just wave and go.

Beautiful Trends

One of my favorite trend sources is Mintel Beauty and Personal Care for its perspective on the future of beauty. Technology will play a bigger part in the world of beauty in 2016 – brands will offer products and services to help monitor beauty regimes and results, such as telling you when your skin is dry and could use a heavier moisturizer.

Energy boosters have been big in the food and beverage industry for a while, but now beauty companies are working on energy-boosting skincare and hair care products.

Food, Glorious Food

Who doesn’t love to eat? Although I feel I’ll forever be watching what I eat, I still love to read about food and find out what’s new and popular. Here are some of my favorite food trends:

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