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5 Tips for Getting Business Insurance Faster

28. October 2015 07:50

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If you're trying to land a client contract or sign a commercial lease, chances are you need Errors and Omissions Insurance or General Liability Insurance yesterday. So how can you speed up the insuring process?

We have a few ideas.

1. Understand the application.

If you apply for coverage through Insureon, you can complete a single online insurance application to get quotes from all available carriers. It usually takes 10 to 15 minutes to complete, but you can save your progress if you don't have time to finish the application in one sitting.

The application will ask you basic questions about your business, the policies you're interested in, and your services. To answer these questions as quickly as possible, you'll want to have some information on hand. So…

2. Get your information ready.

Have information about the following in front of you so you can fill out the application quickly:

3. Know which policies you want to buy.

If it's your first time buying insurance, you may be at a loss for which policies to start with. This short-and-sweet (and non-exhaustive) primer should help:

There are plenty of other policies to choose from, so if you need more guidance, talk to an insurance agent about your options.

4. When in doubt, ask questions.

Insurance agents are there for a reason – to help you get insurance. So bring your questions, even if you've already submitted your insurance application with your best guesses. Your agent can tell you whether your answers make a difference for your coverage.

At Insureon, our agents are trained by the industry, meaning they know which coverages fit your business and which risks are most pressing. Pick their brains about all things insurance, whether it's how to save money on your premiums or which policies you might want to prioritize.

5. Choose a policy.

Once you submit an application through Insureon, we can typically send your quotes right to your inbox. Again, if you have questions about what your quotes mean, ask your agent. If you prefer the DIY method, check out our guide "Decoding Your Small Business Insurance Quotes."

Once you select your policies and submit a payment, your coverage is active within 24 hours. Your agent will send you a Certificate of Insurance, or you can download it yourself through your customer dashboard. Simply show your certificate to the parties that want proof of your coverage, and that's that. You're insured!


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