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When Personalities Clash

26. October 2015 08:40

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In a perfect world, your business would have a diverse staff of energetic go-getters, each bringing their own unique personalities and experiences to their jobs and peacefully coexisting. In my experience, reality is a bit different. Different personalities sometimes clash, which can quickly turn into a conflict that thwarts productivity and threatens the business’s overall morale. Before you know it, you’re at risk of losing key players because no one wants to work in a place filled with tension and negativity.

Especially in a small business where the staff tends to work closely together, it’s important to take action before a situation blows up beyond repair. Dr. Sharon Lewis-Bultsma, a licensed psychologist, suggests getting it out in the open early: “If you can begin talking at the early stages of feeling angry, it’s often a good way to avoid a buildup and explosion of feelings, which is often when people say things they end up regretting.”

Conflict doesn't have to be irreparable. In fact, it can open communication channels that weren’t there before. Irreparable breaks in relationships are more likely to happen when one or both parties have held their feelings in for a long time, which lets resentment build. 

Here’s how you can deal with personality conflicts:

Check out "Small-Business Owners: What Happens When You Hire the Wrong Person?" for more tips on how to handle a difficult employee.

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