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Still Don't Have a Business Website? 5 Reasons to Reconsider

2. June 2015 08:15

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Let's kick this off with some real talk: you don't need to run an ecommerce business in order for a website to add value. It's 2015 – in many cases, your website will be the first glimpse prospective clients and customers have of your business.

And if you don't have one? You're missing opportunities left and right to attract new business.

The moral of this story is that having a website only stands to help you. But if you need more convincing, here are some eye-opening incentives to build your business a website – stat.

1. A website helps attract new customers.

Be honest: if you're looking for something – be it a new restaurant, office supplies, or a new boutique – chances are you type your query into a Google search bar and hit the magic button. It's the fastest way to get the information you're after.

But what happens when you look for a particular business online and you come up empty-handed? In that instance, you either look for a competitor or give up the search altogether. Do you expect your customers to be much different? Don't miss your opportunity to get your business's name in front of new customers when they search for businesses like yours.

Make sure your website is search engine optimized (e.g., it has the keywords people might use to search for your products or services). Traffic to your website means more chances to get new business, which is a great way to reduce risk of not bringing in enough money.

2. Websites are easier than ever to build.

Thanks to sites like Squarespace and Wix, creating websites is an easy, painless process. These sites offer website templates so all you have to do is fill in the blanks. They support ecommerce needs, too, so your customers can explore, learn, shop, and purchase all through your website.

3. A website does some of the sales legwork for you.

An important part of the sales cycle is informing customers about your products and services and why they need them. Sure, you may be a smooth talker, but why spend valuable time on cold sales calls when your website can warm customers up so they are closer to making a purchasing decision?

To do this, make sure your web copy appeals to the problem your ideal audience has and shows them how your product or service solves that problem. For example, if you offer accounting services, your clients probably have a few problems:

Your website should position your business as the local expert on all things bookkeeping by showing prospects how working with you can save them time, headaches, and money.

4. Websites are versatile.

Need a place to publicize events and specials or new products and services? Your website can help you do that! It's your website, so use your platform in the way that makes sense for your goals.

That's one of the nice things about having a website – it gives you options. Let social media complement your website, but don't oversaturate. It can be the place where you humanize your business and drive traffic to your website where the real sales pitch takes place.

5. A website builds your brand and your credibility.

You can build a brand presence on social media, but you are restricted by the platform's design and technology. But with a website? You get creative control, which means you can manage every aspect of your brand's presence.

Plus, customers may view businesses with websites as more credible and professional. This all feeds into your brand's reputation and market standing. So if you're going to stay ahead of the competition, a website may make the difference.


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