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1. July 2014 08:00

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Happy July, everyone!

It’s the season of sunscreen, lifeguards, and staying hydrated. Open any magazine, and you’ll likely find tips on all of the above to make sure your summer goes smoothly and you stay healthy and safe in the steamy months. But outdoor risks aren’t the only ones you face when the days are long – what about the risks to your business?

To celebrate the preventative spirit of the season, insureon is proud to present a series that will run every Tuesday in July: Tips on Tuesdays, featuring Susan Solovic, THE Small Business Expert. Every Tuesday (and we have five this month, so get ready), we’ll post a short video featuring helpful tips for your business.

Topics include:

  1. Copyrights in cyberspace: What you need to know to prevent an $8,000 lawsuit over a simple copy-paste error.
  2. Independent contractors vs. employees: Make sure your workers are classified correctly to avoid hefty fines.
  3. Legal tips for home-based businesses: Spoiler alert: your homeowner’s insurance probably doesn’t cover your business. Find out what you can do to fix that.
  4. Commonly overlooked business laws and regulations that affect small businesses: Some of us break laws only because we don’t know they exist. But ignorance won’t protect you in court. Get up to speed so you can stay out of legal trouble.
  5. Texting and driving – and why you might be liable when your employees do it: A recent court ruling means that employers could be liable for damage caused by employees who text and drive. Find out how to avoid this liability to prevent costly injury lawsuits.

Check out today’s tips on copyrights in cyberspace (as well as all Tips on Tuesdays videos) at insureon’s Facebook page.

About Susan Solovic

Known as THE Small Business Expert, Susan Solovic is an entrepreneur, attorney, speaker, and author who has not only founded successful businesses but also established herself as a sought-after voice on topics related to small businesses in various media outlets. In these short videos, she distills years of knowledge about various topics relevant to business owners into 90-second clips perfect for even the busiest among us.

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