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Happy Small Business Week!

12. May 2014 08:14

Slider of Susan Solovic

Today marks the start of National Small Business Week, a yearly tradition (since 1963!) that recognizes the importance of small-business owners. All over the country, entrepreneurs like you are rebuilding the economy – in fact, experts estimate that small-business owners create two of every three new jobs. Now that’s something to celebrate!

Celebrate Small Business Week with Our New Podcast Series

Insureon is happy to announce we’ve partnered with Susan Solovic (THE Small Business Expert) to celebrate SBW with a podcast series, “Practical Prosperity: 5 Secrets of Successful Small Businesses.” The series features five-minute episodes on the five Ps of small business:

Each podcast showcases Susan Solovic’s small-business expertise (as a media personality, self-proclaimed “serial entrepreneur,” bestselling author, and more). You’ll leave each listen with practicable ideas to help you grow your business.

The first podcast, which focuses on your business’s place in the grand scheme of things, reflects the aim of Small Business Week: to highlight the achievements of the small-business owner. The daily grind can make it easy to forget what an important role you play in the economy – on a local and national level. So kick off your personal Small Business Week by tuning in and giving yourself a well-deserved toast.

For more on National Small Business Week – including events in your area – check out the US Small Business Administration’s website.

To listen to the rest of Susan Solovic’s great advice, be sure to visit insureon’s YouTube page throughout the week or follow us on Twitter @insureon for links to the latest podcast.

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