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Who can make errors and omissions claims against your business?

24. April 2014 09:02

Errors and omissions (aka malpractice) claims are complaints people file when they feel your small business has not provided services to an acceptable professional standard. You may have already read in our post "What is malpractice?" that you don't actually have to make a mistake or violate a professional standard in order to be sued. So who are the people behind these complaints?

In short, anyone who doesn't work for your business can file an errors and omissions claim against your business if they feel they've been negatively affected by your work.

Clients and Customers: The Faces of Errors and Omissions Lawsuits

Because errors and omissions claims revolve around the type of work that you do, it makes sense that the people who pay for your services are the ones filing these claims. Take a look:

Learn more about these types of lawsuits by reading our post "Understanding errors and omissions (malpractice) lawsuits."

And remember: adequate errors and omissions insurance can help you pay for these claims – even if they turn out to be unfounded.

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