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2014 Trends for Fitness Instructors and Trainers

8. January 2014 08:33

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Fitness entrepreneurs know all too well that this is the time of year Americans vow to embrace a healthier lifestyle and make fitness a part of their lives. Obviously, you’ll see more clients in the next few months at your studios and centers (or as private clients), but the key is to keep them (and attract still more clients) when the fervor of their New Year’s resolutions wears off.

How to do that? One way to keep customers is to offer value. If you charge by the month, for instance, consider offering a “subscription” program, that offers a discount if clients sign up for a fixed time period (six months or a year). While you’ll be taking in slightly less per client per month, you’ll be guaranteed a certain number of clients for that time period, helping stabilize your revenues. And once clients have enough time to establish a routine, they’re more likely to make fitness a habit, promising you a long-lasting customer relationship.

Another key to keeping revenue strong after the New Year’s rush is to offer products in addition to your services. Hopefully you’re already selling products to your customers. Almost every fitness entrepreneur can sell books, DVDs, equipment, clothing, or accessories to supplement his or her business income. New products are introduced regularly so keep your eyes open – you don’t want your product offerings to seem stale. If you sell clothing, for instance, look for fitness-wear in Radiant Orchid, this year’s Pantone color of the year.

Some other trends to keep an eye on:

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