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Infographic: Football -- The Gridiron Scores for Small Business

25. November 2013 08:41

Football! Between the tailgates, the Super Bowl, the jerseys, and the mascots, it’s hard for most fans to choose a favorite part of the sport. But fans aren’t the only ones happy when the football season gets underway. Small businesses have a lot to love about this uniquely American sport. How much? During the football season, the  NFL adds $5 billion to the economies of cities with an NFL team.

That money is generated not only in the stadium, but also in athletic stores, bars, and restaurants. The league has stated that its revenue goal for 2027 is $25 billion (well over double the $9.5 billion it generated in 2012), which could mean increases in revenue and sales for many of the businesses who count on the NFL for a boost. Check out more facts about how football affects America’s small businesses in the infographic below.


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