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3 Potential Lawsuits Your Restaurant or Bar Could Face This Halloween

21. October 2013 16:03

It’s fall, and that means businesses around the country are putting up their Halloween decorations and gearing up for the fun of pumpkin carving, apple pressing, and other timeless Halloween traditions. But for residents of central Illinois, there’ll be fewer options for haunted houses this year: safety upgrades due to fire concerns have forced multiple locations to shut their doors.

In lieu of shelling out $60,000 for sprinkler upgrades, organizers of Decatur’s “The Terror on Washington Street” haunted house opted to wait until next year to frighten visitors with well-placed volunteers in hockey masks and ghost costumes. The decision highlights an important point: while ghouls and maniacs may frighten the general public, what scares business owners is the threat of lawsuits.

So as a restaurant or bar owner gearing up for the Halloween season, what liability risks do you face? Here are some of the biggies to prepare yourself for.

Liquor Liability Lawsuits

With the Halloween season bringing rowdier crowds to your restaurant or bar, it’s good to be up to date with the types of lawsuits protected by General Liability Insurance. If this isn’t your first rodeo, you know what kind of behavior can be expected from inebriated patrons when those costumes go on.

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Bodily Harm Lawsuits

If you have customers coming in for pumpkin carving competitions, costume contests, or apple pressing, make sure you’re cognizant of their safety and yours.

Property Damage Lawsuits

The Halloween season brings with it potential Property Insurance claims, too. Here are some potential issues to avoid this year.

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