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Liquor Liability Lessons from the Hangover Trilogy

31. May 2013 14:05

With the third installment of The Hangover in theaters now (it raked in more than $60 million in its first weekend), audiences around the world are gearing up for more fast-paced hijinks with one of the movie world’s wackiest groups of friends. And if the first two films are any indication, the R-rated antics will help kick off the summer blockbuster season with hearty laughter.

And the summer state of mind isn’t just infecting movie theater audiences – offices big and small are introducing summer hours, after-work get-togethers, and happy hours that let employees take advantage of warmer temps and longer sunlight hours. One of the great things about small companies, in fact, is that you have the flexibility to offer a relaxed social atmosphere at the end of the week.

But if yours is the kind of workplace that lets employees sip a beer on Friday afternoons or sponsors happy hours for your team, it’s important to be aware of the liquor-related liability issues that might arise. Before you serve the next round to your team, make sure you’ve got a handle on the liability risks alcohol introduces to the mix.

Do You Need a Liquor Liability Policy?

Unless you sell or serve alcohol to customers, you probably don’t need standalone Liquor Liability Insurance. But if you occasionally serve drinks to your staff, allow them to drink at the office, or sponsor after-work events that involve drinking, it’s a good idea to include Liquor Liability coverage in your General Liability policy or BOP.

Here’s why:

Avoid a Liability Hangover with Savvy Policies

So how can owners of small businesses keep their employees safe (and their liability low) without resorting to corporate-feeling policies and rules? Try implementing a few of these low-key but effective policies…

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