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How to Leverage March Madness into Small-Business Growth

8. March 2013 15:18

Owners of small and micro businesses know better than anyone that every hour of employee time can make a difference to the bottom line. So what do you do when a major distraction like March Madness threatens to siphon your team’s attention during work hours?

While your first instinct may be to panic and ban the tournament at work, analysts suggest that that strategy could backfire, given that 86 percent of respondents to a 2012 survey confessed they planned to devote some work time to the tournament.

Instead, use try using the tournament as an opportunity to rally your coworkers for increased productivity. Here are a few strategies.

Skeptical that better bonding among your team could translate to actual growth? Don’t be: a growing body of evidence (including this study) shows that more involved employees pave the way to direct business gains, including higher productivity, lower turnover rates, and even higher customer loyalty rates.

Have plans for dealing with March Madness in your business? Share your tips below, and help other small-business owners maintain peak productivity during one of the season’s biggest distractions. 

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