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Small Business Heroes Offers Micro Grants to America’s Small-Business Owners

22. February 2013 14:02

Small-business owners of the world, rejoice!

Today marks the official launch of Small Business Heroes, a program that celebrates the tremendous contributions small- and micro-business owners make to the American economy by delivering a series of micro grants in the form of badly needed business equipment.

Here’s a look at how the program works and how you can apply to have one of your business wishes granted.

What Is Small Business Heroes?

Small Business Heroes is an initiative dedicated to giving back to the small- and micro-business owners whose everyday lives include countless acts of heroism: making do with outdated software, forgoing new gear to pay for family essentials, working crazy hours to put food on the table.

The program launches today with support from insureon. For years, insureon has provided business insurance to small- and micro-business owners, and in that time, we have consistently been awed by the sacrifice, dedication, and plain old hard work that our customers demonstrate on a daily basis.

To demonstrate our appreciation for all these folks do, we decided to launch Small Business Heroes as a wish-granting program designed to give small-business owners the extra boost that will let them reach the next level of growth.

Here’s how the program works…

To be fair, we know that small-business owners do amazing things every day, whether or not they have their wishes granted. This program just aims to make that process a little easier.

Get Your Business Wish Granted by Small Business Heroes

To learn the details of how Small Business Heroes can help your business grow, visit the program’s website at, where you can submit your wish and read what other small-business owners are saying.

Good luck!


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