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Hiring Temps This Year? Make Sure They're Safe

7. November 2014 08:34
OSHA launched an initiative to help reduce workplace injuries involving temp workers. If you plan to hire temporary help this holiday season, know your obligations. [More]

“Take It from Someone Who’s Been There” – Retirement Saving Tips for Small-Business Owners

5. November 2014 07:42
Saving for retirement can be difficult as a small-business owner, but it can't wait. Learn tips from Jeff Oster to avoid the same mistakes he made. [More]

Labor Department Helping States Crack Down on Worker Misclassification

27. October 2014 08:06
The Department of Labor is helping states enforce proper worker classification. Find out what this means for small-business owners who hire independent contractors. [More]

Hiring for the Holidays

24. October 2014 08:10
Need some extra help to get your business through the holiday hustle and bustle? Check out these tips for finding part-time help. [More]

Baseball Lawsuit Shows What Happens When Disclaimers Aren't Enough to Limit Liability

22. October 2014 08:10
A lawsuit against the Braves serves as a good reminder for small-business owners: disclaimers don’t eliminate liability altogether. Learn more about your exposures. [More]

“Take It from Someone Who’s Been There” – Bookkeeping Tips for Small-Business Owners

20. October 2014 08:44
Without proper bookkeeping, small-business owners may be scrambling come tax season. Learn tips from Felix Dubinsky’s experience to avoid a financial conundrum. [More]

One More Way Customers Can Sue You

17. October 2014 08:03
A court ruled the victims of the Adobe data breach can sue the company even though they haven’t suffered injuries. Learn why this is a wakeup call for your business. [More]

5 Business Insurance Mistakes Costing You Money

15. October 2014 08:01
Is your business lighting its money on fire? Check out these top five business insurance mistakes so you don’t spend a dime more on your coverage than you need to. [More]

Why You Need to Go Mobile

10. October 2014 07:55
According to recent trends, the best way to reach new customers and clients is through mobile marketing. Learn some tips to help get your business up to speed. [More]

The Small-Business Owner's Guide to Contractor Liability Insurance

8. October 2014 08:59
Your contractors may need their own Professional Liability and General Liability policies. Here's how to check for coverage or add them to your policy. [More]