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Home-Office Hacks for Higher Productivity

10. December 2014 07:44
If you work from home, it can be hard to maintain your focus. Implement these cost-effective home-office hacks to boost your productivity and reduce workday stress. [More]

What Is Subrogation?

3. December 2014 08:01
Subrogation is when your insurance provider covers a claim, then assumes your right to sue the party that caused the damages so it can recoup losses. Learn more. [More]

Read This Post, Save $14,000

1. December 2014 08:30
This year, 1,939 small businesses were sued over disabled-access violations. Learn how your business can avoid lawsuits, comply with the ADA, and reach more customers. [More]

Setting Holiday Hours for Your Business

26. November 2014 06:18
Thinking about shortening your business hours for the holidays? Check out 5 tips you need to know before you change your business’s schedule. [More]

7.5-Year High for Small Business Borrowing Bodes Well for Economy

21. November 2014 07:58
Small-business owners are borrowing more money, which indicates confidences in the economy’s continued recovery. Find out how to secure your business’s investments. [More]

What Is Special Event Insurance?

19. November 2014 07:57
Special Event Insurance for small businesses starts under $400. Get info and free quotes to protect your parties, trade shows, and fundraisers from lawsuits.[More]

Make a Better Impression on 88% of Your Potential Clients

17. November 2014 08:35
Want to leave a lasting and positive impression on potential clients? Learn how to leverage online reviews to your small business’s advantage. [More]

Making Small Business Saturday Work for You

14. November 2014 08:05
You don’t have to run a retail business to take advantage of Small Business Saturday. Get tips on making this holiday profitable for all types of small businesses. [More]

Holiday Gift Giving for Clients, Employees, and Business Partners

12. November 2014 07:45
Giving gifts in a professional setting can be tricky, so it’s best to arm yourself with some tips first! Check out this concise gift-giving guide for help. [More]

P.F. Chang's Lawsuit Could Affect Your Cyber Liability Coverage

10. November 2014 08:26
If Travelers wins its lawsuit against P.F. Chang's, businesses can only rely on Cyber Liability Insurance to cover data breaches. Learn more about the case. [More]