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How Much DOES Small Business Insurance Cost?

27. April 2015 06:35
Our clients often ask us about the cost of small business insurance. These resources aim to answer that question in a couple of different ways. [More]

Workers' Comp Investigation Offers Small Businesses a Reminder to Communicate

24. April 2015 08:15
Recent reports highlight some problems with the Workers' Comp system. Communication can help ensure your employees get the benefits they're entitled to. [More]

Study: 4 in 10 Small Businesses Likely to Have an Insurance Claim in the Next Decade

22. April 2015 08:26
40 percent of small businesses may have an insurance claim in the next 10 years. The good news? A BOP can address the most common and expensive claims. [More]

Business Interruption, General Liability, & Property Insurance: Oh, My

21. April 2015 08:02
An explosion caused by illegal gas siphoning killed two people and destroyed three buildings. The landlord, restaurant owner, and general contractor may be sued. [More]

Small Business Brings $65k Lawsuit over Negative Online Review

20. April 2015 08:02
A dog trainer is suing a Yelp user over a negative online review. Unfortunately, General Liability Insurance can't cover lawsuits business owners initiate. [More]

The Funding Option 98% of Small Businesses Haven't Tried

17. April 2015 08:13
Most small businesses haven't used crowdfunding even though it's difficult for them to get loans. Crowdfunding can help businesses in any phase of development. [More]

How Would Your Business Do in a Phishing Test?

16. April 2015 08:02
Kansas City auditors conducted a phishing test to see how employees and the IT team would respond. These tips can help your business avoid a phishing scam. [More]

Small Business Spotlight: Crowdfunding with Zest Tea

15. April 2015 08:06
Looking for a way to get your business off the ground? Discover how small-business owners are using alternative methods like crowdfunding sites to get started. [More]

Court Ruling Extends Definition of Advertising Injury for General Liability Policies

14. April 2015 08:05
A court in Illinois ruled that lawsuits over store display signs could trigger GL advertising injury coverage, which is another reason to carry the policy. [More]

Spring Flood Season's Here. Is Your Business Ready?

13. April 2015 08:00
Spring flood season could mean disaster for businesses near bodies of water. Adding flood coverage to your Property policy can keep your business protected. [More]