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Simple ways your storefront can create personalized experiences for customers

10. July 2018 21:31
As the retail apocalypse continues to become the new normal throughout the United States with more than 3,800 storefronts set to shutter this year, mom and pop businesses are undoubtedly concerned about their foot traffic future. Offerings and services aside, what else can they do to keep their small businesses afloat? [More]

The pros and cons of hiring summer interns

5. June 2018 20:10
For small businesses looking to hire for summer internships, finding a reliable, hardworking intern who is excited to contribute to your company’s success comes with its own unique set of pros and cons. Here’s a look at some of the most common ones. [More]

Business risks with paid and unpaid internships

1. June 2018 14:07
Does your small business offer unpaid internships for students and young professionals? A recent federal ruling is predicted to bring changes to the modern internship. Insureon helps you stay protected with tips on keeping your internship program legal and beneficial to your interns and your business.[More]

The Dos and Don’ts of Managing Online Customer Reviews

12. February 2018 21:40
Online reviews can be a boon to your small business if they are managed properly. Use this guide to manage your reputation and to respond to online customer reviews. [More]

How to End 2017 Financially Strong

11. December 2017 17:26
Get your business finances in order before the year's end. Use these 4 financial planning tips for small businesses. [More]

Small Business Accounting Jargon Decoded

4. December 2017 18:17
Get a crash course on small business accounting terms you need to know. Meredith Wood of Fundera breaks down the jargon so you can master the basics. [More]

Customer Retention Strategies Small Business-Owners Can Start Today

27. November 2017 15:20
Learn how to keep your clients with these 4 customer retention strategies you can implement ASAP. [More]

Customer Appreciation Ideas for the Cash-Strapped Business Owner

20. November 2017 18:02
The holidays are approaching, and that means it's time to think about customer appreciation gifts. Get customer appreciation ideas here. [More]

12 Tips for a More Inspired and Productive Morning

10. November 2017 19:39
Are you an entrepreneur and always short on time? Try these 12 productivity tips to start your day off right and get more done during the workday.[More]

5 Questions to Ask before Designing Your First Logo

30. October 2017 15:29
Before you design your small business's logo, ask yourself these 5 questions. They'll help you come up with an appealing and original design. [More]
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