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How Small-Business Owners Can Prevent Employee Discrimination Lawsuits

27. June 2014 08:42
An informative article about best small business practices for ensuring a discrimination- and harassment-free workplace. [More]

Setting Summer Hours

26. June 2014 08:31
Saving money on utilities is a boon of summer hours, but they might sap employee productivity. Tips for making the summer hours decision for small businesses. [More]

Small Business Hiring Nightmare: What if You Can’t Afford Your Employees’ Salaries Anymore?

25. June 2014 08:38
An informative article about a small-business owner’s options when they can’t afford to keep their employees. [More]

Small-Business Owners: What Happens When You Hire the Wrong Person?

24. June 2014 08:51
An informative article about a small-business owner’s options when their new hire doesn’t quite work as well as expected. [More]

Beyond Discrimination: Dealing with Employee Theft

23. June 2014 08:45
An informative article about how small businesses can deal with employee theft and while avoiding discrimination charges. [More]

Do Small Businesses Need Employment Practices Liability Insurance (EPLI)?

20. June 2014 08:39
An informative article Employers Liability Insurance and workplace harassment and discrimination in small-business environments. [More]

Employment Discrimination Lawsuits: Case Studies

19. June 2014 08:56
Examples of employment discrimination lawsuits in the US. [More]

How Do Lawsuits against Employers Work?

18. June 2014 08:32
An informative article about how employment discrimination and harassment lawsuits work. [More]

The Elusive Summer Vacation: Is It Time For A Summer Break?

17. June 2014 08:46
Tips to help small-business owners get away from work on a vacation this summer. [More]

Signs that an Employee Is Going to Sue You

16. June 2014 08:38
An informative article that tells small-business owners what they can expect when an employee is about to sue them for workplace discrimination or harassment. [More]