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Commercial General Liability Insurance in Action: Cruise Ship Edition

9. December 2015 07:41
General Liability Insurance helps keep customer injury lawsuits from sinking a small-business by paying for legal defense fees, trial costs, medical expenses, and more.[More]

How Can Cash-Strapped Small Businesses Give Back?

7. December 2015 07:50
If your small business doesn't have a lot of money to spare, you can still give back to your community by donating your expertise, influence, and time to local charities. [More]

Reminder: Small Business Insurance Is a Tax Write-Off

4. December 2015 07:45
If you're not already chomping at the bit to buy business insurance, here's some incentive: your premiums may be tax deductible. Just ask your accountant. [More]

4 Spins on Small Business Holiday Traditions

2. December 2015 08:09
Searching for ways to give your employees and clients something to look forward to each holiday season? Four small-business owners share what works for them. [More]

What Can Go Wrong When You Don't Have Small Business Insurance?

30. November 2015 07:51
Four business owners in New York were charged with Workers' Comp felonies. It goes to show that a lot can go wrong when you don't have business insurance. [More]

Who's Liable? Maybe Not Who You Think

25. November 2015 05:05
LA courts pass down conflicting rulings over a slip-and-fall lawsuit. It's a lesson in subcontractor liability and the unpredictability of shared blame. [More]

Small Business Spotlight: Customer Appreciation with Artful Conceptions

23. November 2015 07:46
The owner of Artful Conceptions, LLC offers suggestions for small-business owners seeking ways to show customers their appreciation without breaking the bank. [More]

November Small Business Wins

20. November 2015 07:44
A news roundup for small businesses: get the scoop on Small Business Saturday, what the TPP means for you, and how a Philly mechanic is changing the auto repair game. [More]

Lessons from a Vegan Thanksgiving that Can Make You a Better Business Owner

18. November 2015 07:19
Juggling dietary preferences when preparing a holiday meal may be a challenge, but as Rieva Lesonsky points out, it also offers a lesson in good business ownership. [More]

Falling Short This Year? Here's How Small Businesses Can Regroup

16. November 2015 11:57
Don't despair if you didn't make your projected numbers this year. Three small-business experts offer ways to bounce back and do better next year. [More]