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How Do I Handle a Workers’ Comp Claim?

19. May 2014 08:45
Learn why open communication is the best way for small-business owners to handle Workers’ Compensation Insurance claims. [More]

How to Prevent Workers’ Comp Claims

16. May 2014 08:40
Learn how communication and safety programs can help small-business owners prevent workers’ comp claims. [More]

What Constitutes a Workers’ Compensation Claim?

15. May 2014 08:45
Learn when a Workers’ Comp claim takes effect and the statute of limitations on a claim. [More]

How to Get Through Your Busy Season Without Dropping the Ball

14. May 2014 08:37
Eight tips to prep for the busy season in a small business from entrepreneur and author Rieva Lesonsky. [More]

TMZ Wrongful Termination Lawsuit Highlights the Need for EPLI

13. May 2014 08:34
A lawsuit against TMZ highlights key issues of employment practices law and how businesses are exposed to client suits. [More]

Happy Small Business Week!

12. May 2014 08:14
This year, National Small Business Week is May 12-16. Join the celebration by tuning in to our podcast featuring Susan Solovic. [More]

What Do Workers’ Comp Benefits Cover?

9. May 2014 08:54
Discover the benefits Workers’ Comp offers your employees and your small business. [More]

Does Obamacare Affect Workers’ Comp Requirements?

8. May 2014 08:54
Learn whether or not Obamacare / the Affordable Care Act affects a small business owner’s Workers’ Compensation requirements. [More]

Protecting Employees: Workers’ Compensation vs. Health Insurance

7. May 2014 08:39
Learn whether small-business owners need Workers’ Compensation Insurance, Health Insurance, or both. [More]

A Brief (Non-Boring) History of Workers’ Compensation

6. May 2014 08:35
Learn about the compelling history of Workers’ Comp and how it developed into a standard business staple in the U.S. [More]