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Independence for Special Needs Adults, Thanks to Small Business Owners: an Interview with Dave Krikac of Our Thrift Store

3. July 2013 13:34
Dave Krikac, owner of Franklin, TN's "Our Thrift Store" shares tips on increasing your business through social media -- while also helping those most at need in your community.[More]

Working with Interns this Summer? Know the Business Risks

1. July 2013 14:07
Does your small business offer unpaid internships for students and young professionals? A recent federal ruling is predicted to bring changes to the modern internship. Insureon helps you stay protected with tips on keeping your internship program legal and beneficial to your interns and your business.[More]

Special Event Insurance for Nonprofit Organizations

26. June 2013 15:09
While your nonprofit organization has some great events planned, having Special Event Insurance to protect against potential property damage and bodily injury liabilities can make them even better for all involved.[More]

The History of Catering Insurance

25. June 2013 16:27
Catering insurance started as an informal expression of goodwill by community members. Find out how it evolved into the highly specialized type of coverage that exists today. [More]

The Paula Deen Debacle & Employment Practices Liability Insurance (EPLI)

24. June 2013 15:57
Paula Deen's court appearances and controversial behavior provide a great example of why businesses should consider Employment Practices Liability Insurance (EPLI).[More]

5 Questions to Ask about Liquor Liability Coverage

20. June 2013 08:27
Before signing on the dotted line of your liquor liability policy, ask your insurance agent these five key questions to make sure you have the coverage you need. [More]

How an Umbrella Can Save a Business: An Insurance Tale

18. June 2013 12:18
The recent collapse of a restaurant deck in Miami during the NBA finals brings lights on the importance of purchasing umbrella insurance policies.[More]

Manage Your Workers’ Comp Exposure to Keep Costs Low

14. June 2013 16:27
Minimize your Workers' Compensation costs by limiting the exposure to workplace injuries you invite into your office. [More]

4 Reasons Your Business Should Have Cyber Liability Insurance

5. June 2013 14:08
  Suddenly, your website is inaccessible. Down. Dead. It looks like your website has been DDoS'd (denial-of-service attack), and now your vi... [More]

The Tornado Ate My Insurance Policy

4. June 2013 16:30
To get insurance benefits when you most need them after a natural disaster, be sure to have a copy of your policy stored offsite so you can make claims quickly and easily. [More]