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How to write an insurance cancellation letter

9. May 2019 01:18
If you’re planning to cancel your business insurance policy, it’s important to provide written notice to your insurance company. Learn the steps you should take to cancel a policy and compare quotes for new insurance with Insureon. [More]

How to protect intellectual property at your startup

26. April 2019 22:39
Intellectual property is one of the most valuable assets of your technology startup. Protecting your IP is critical if you want to obtain venture capital funding or stop your competitors from gaining an unfair advantage. [More]

Tips for creating an IT disaster recovery plan

26. April 2019 22:28
Loss of data can devastate a small business. Plan ahead to ensure your business’s survival with an IT disaster recovery plan. [More]

6 driving safety tips for businesses with employees

16. April 2019 16:47
If your employees are required to drive for work, safety should be a top priority. Learn how to create a safe driving culture in your company with these driving safety tips for employees. [More]

How tech companies can avoid software development risks

15. April 2019 22:06
All software development projects contain elements of risk. To ensure the success of a project, it’s necessary to identify, assess, prioritize, and manage potential threats. [More]

A lesson about general liability insurance for bar owners

7. September 2018 18:41
When customers walk into a bar, they are increasingly looking for more than just a drink – they're also on the hunt for a power outlet to charge their cell phones. If bartenders agree to charge phones it creates goodwill with customers, but also opens up the bar to liability. [More]

7 risk management strategies for restaurants and other food businesses

14. August 2018 21:01
Food service businesses face a variety of risks, from employee injuries to customer allergies. Learn how to create an effective restaurant risk management plan to minimize your risk, including employee training, equipment maintenance, and food service business insurance. [More]

How to write a restaurant business plan and avoid risks

31. July 2018 18:53
While not talked about as much as award-winning cuisine, one of the most important parts of opening a successful restaurant is creating a detailed business plan. It can help secure funding, and it also forces business owners to think through everything from the location to how to process payroll. [More]

19 Tips to Prepare Your Business for the 10 Most Common Insurance Claims

26. September 2016 08:35
Don't wait for trouble to pop up. Prepare your business for the 10 most common insurance claims with these risk management tips.[More]

3 Ways to Improve Your Chance of Winning a Professional Liability Lawsuit

21. April 2016 08:02
A small-business owner's best bet for winning a professional liability lawsuit is to document client interactions, work with a lawyer, and honestly assess their situation. [More]
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