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How to Set Your Food Business’s Hours

26. March 2014 08:36
Tips on choosing hours of operation for a food services business from small business expert Rieva Lesonsky. [More]

3D Printers to Change the Food Industry (and Your Insurance Policy) as We Know It

25. February 2014 08:31
Buying a 3D printer means it’s time for restaurants and bakeries to update their property insurance and general liability insurance policies. [More]

How to Protect Your Bar or Cafe from a Starbucks Lawsuit

27. January 2014 08:57
Even accidental copyright violations can mean major legal (and financial) trouble for small businesses. Make sure you're not accidentally violating a large corporation's trademarks so you don't have to shell out for a lawsuit. [More]

Cooking Up Profits: Do You Know Your Home-Based Food Regulations?

4. December 2013 08:16
Home-based or "cottage" food businesses are growing in popularity. To make the most of a home-based food operation, entrepreneurs should be sure to adhere to state and federal regulations. [More]

Starting a Food Truck: Quick Tips to Get You Started

2. December 2013 14:58
Operating a food truck comes with a number of unique risks. Special insurance policies can help food truck owners manage those risks. [More]

Infographic: Football -- The Gridiron Scores for Small Business

25. November 2013 08:41
Football means a boost for U.S. towns that have teams of all levels. [More]

Restaurants Give Thanks

4. November 2013 16:22
Owners of restaurants, bars, and other food services businesses have plenty of growth to be thankful for this year. [More]

Restaurants Serve Up Profits

1. November 2013 15:42
Frugality fatigue among American consumers is translating to good news for food services businesses: restaurants, food trucks, and bakeries are regaining popularity among lunchers after a long recession-linked dry spell. [More]

3 Potential Lawsuits Your Restaurant or Bar Could Face This Halloween

21. October 2013 16:03
Tips for managing Halloween-related liability exposures for owners of restaurants and bars. [More]

Does Your Restaurant Need Auto Insurance?

2. October 2013 14:43
Explanation of how various types of commercial auto insurance can protect restaurants that offer delivery services. [More]