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Gawker Suit Illustrates Difference between General Liability and Professional Liability Policies

13. August 2014 07:37
Find out why a major media company is being sued by its insurance carrier and a pro wrestler, and learn what your business can take away from the legal mess. [More]

Discrimination Lawsuit at Tinder Offers Valuable Lessons to Growing Businesses

30. July 2014 08:29
The former marketing director at Tinder is suing the company for gender discrimination. Learn how small businesses aren’t immune to employment lawsuits.[More]

Reminder: Communicating with Customers Can Prevent Professional Liability Lawsuits

14. July 2014 08:34
Did Facebook have the legal right to use its users’ data for “research”? Find out why detailed User Agreements can help you avoid lawsuits. [More]

Signs that an Employee Is Going to Sue You

16. June 2014 08:38
An informative article that tells small-business owners what they can expect when an employee is about to sue them for workplace discrimination or harassment. [More]

The Small Business Guide to Avoiding Discrimination Charges when Firing Employees

13. June 2014 08:35
An informative article about how small businesses can avoid wrongful termination lawsuits and discrimination charges when dismissing employees. [More]

Employee Rights: What Small-Business Owners Need to Know

10. June 2014 08:27
Find out how equal employment laws affect your small business and how to avoid fines for violations. [More]

Why Winning an E&O Lawsuit Still Costs Money

29. April 2014 08:26
Even when small-business owner win an E&O lawsuit, it still costs them time and money. [More]

Who Can Make E&O/Malpractice Claims Against Your Business?

24. April 2014 09:02
Find out who can file errors & omissions (malpractice) complaints against your small business. [More]

Malpractice Lawsuit Tips for Therapists and Counselors

23. April 2014 08:59
Discover what therapists and counselors need to know to avoid malpractice lawsuits. [More]

Malpractice Lawsuit Tips for Attorneys

21. April 2014 08:50
Overview of what attorneys need to know about legal malpractice lawsuits and their professional liability. [More]