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Do I Need a Workers’ Compensation Lawyer?

3. June 2014 08:25
Employees are usually the ones to hire Workers’ Compensation lawyers, but small-business owners will need one in the event of an Employer’s Liability lawsuit. [More]

How to Avoid a Malpractice / E&O Lawsuit after You’re Sued

28. April 2014 08:30
Overview of how small-business owners can use mediation to avoid full-blown litigation even after they are sued. [More]

Settlements vs. Judgments in Malpractice Lawsuits: What’s the Difference?

25. April 2014 08:32
Malpractice settlements usually translate to lower overall costs. Judgments happen when a case goes to trial. [More]

Malpractice Lawsuit Tips for Attorneys

21. April 2014 08:50
Overview of what attorneys need to know about legal malpractice lawsuits and their professional liability. [More]

Your Business Is Facing a Civil Lawsuit. Now What?

14. April 2014 09:07
Learn what a civil lawsuit is and how it can affect small business owners, plus what steps to take if a civil suit is brought against your business. [More]

What Happens if I’m Sued? A Guide to Handling Errors & Omissions Claims

9. April 2014 08:39
Learn about what small-business owners can do when faced with an Errors & Omissions claim. [More]

Protect Your Law Practice from the Start: How Attorneys Can Prevent Professional Liability Lawsuits

28. October 2013 16:36
Three steps lawyers can follow to minimize their chance of being hit with a costly professional liability lawsuit from a client. [More]

HIPAA Has Teeth: What Accountants, Lawyers, and Other Professionals Need to Know When Working with Clients in Healthcare

23. October 2013 16:43
Accountants, lawyers, and other professionals are considered business associates under new HITECH additions to HIPAA, exposing them to massive liability for handling client data. Overview of risk management procedures to limit risk of fines and lawsuits. [More]