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The Dos and Don’ts of Hiring Employees and Contractors

15. January 2018 19:49
When your small business is ready to hire, know whether to hire an employee or a contractor. These guidelines can help you out. [More]



How to Handle Sexual Harassment Complaints: A Primer for Small Businesses

9. January 2018 15:45
Learn how your small business can handle sexual harassment complaints even if you don't have an HR manager or department. [More]



How to Hire Great People When Your Business Is Tiny

17. October 2017 23:47
Small businesses can make a big impact online when competing for top talent. Check out these tips on how to stand out of the crowd and attract the best team. [More]



How to Fire Friends or Family without Terminating Your Relationship

18. September 2017 19:17
Firing an employee can be daunting for small-business owners. But firing a friend or family member is even harder. Learn how to fire someone gently. [More]



6 Biggest Payroll Mistakes Your Business Is Making

19. January 2017 12:00
Meredith Wood of Fundera pinpoints 6 common payroll mistakes small-business owners make and offers tips to prevent these errors. [More]

Should Your Small Business Outsource Payroll or DIY?

1. December 2016 08:38
Marc Prosser, cofounder of the small business education site Fit Small Business, offers pointers on when to outsource payroll or to do it yourself. [More]

Building a Business Website? These 7 Questions Will Show You When to Outsource

29. August 2016 08:35
Should you outsource the work on your small business website? These 7 questions can help you figure out what to handle yourself and what to outsource. [More]

The Business Benefits of Staying Active

12. August 2016 12:51
Discover the unexpected benefits of a business-sponsored health and wellness program. Research show healthy employees are more productive.[More]

New Employee Checklist for Small Businesses

25. July 2016 08:25
Finally hiring that first employee? Here's a checklist of what may need to be in place before they start (hint: Workers’ Compensation Insurance).[More]

Kids on Summer Break? Get Them Involved with Your Business So Everyone Benefits

8. June 2016 07:51
Rieva Lesonsky offers up three ways small-business owners can keep their kids busy this summer by helping out with the business. [More]