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A Business Insurance Case against Ebenezer Scrooge

18. December 2015 07:50
Ebenezer Scrooge, miser and tight-fisted grump, manages his business in ways that expose him to numerous risks. Learn from his biggest business blunders. [More]

How to Show Holiday Love to Employees & Clients – On a Budget

16. December 2015 07:42
Looking for budget-friendly gifts to give your employees and clients this holiday season? Here are three tips from business pros on thrifty office gift giving. [More]

When You Should Ask for Help for Your Small Business

14. December 2015 07:46
Asking for help doesn't mean giving up control of your business. If anything, seeking help ensures you're doing everything to keep your business strong. [More]

4 Spins on Small Business Holiday Traditions

2. December 2015 08:09
Searching for ways to give your employees and clients something to look forward to each holiday season? Four small-business owners share what works for them. [More]

Small Business Spotlight: Customer Appreciation with Artful Conceptions

23. November 2015 07:46
The owner of Artful Conceptions, LLC offers suggestions for small-business owners seeking ways to show customers their appreciation without breaking the bank. [More]

November Small Business Wins

20. November 2015 07:44
A news roundup for small businesses: get the scoop on Small Business Saturday, what the TPP means for you, and how a Philly mechanic is changing the auto repair game. [More]

Lessons from a Vegan Thanksgiving that Can Make You a Better Business Owner

18. November 2015 07:19
Juggling dietary preferences when preparing a holiday meal may be a challenge, but as Rieva Lesonsky points out, it also offers a lesson in good business ownership. [More]

Falling Short This Year? Here's How Small Businesses Can Regroup

16. November 2015 11:57
Don't despair if you didn't make your projected numbers this year. Three small-business experts offer ways to bounce back and do better next year. [More]

5 Ways to Maintain Small-Business Productivity During the Holidays

9. November 2015 07:37
The holidays are synonymous with last-minute rushes, which can dampen productivity. These five small-biz experts offer pointers on how to keep pushing forward. [More]

5 Ways to Look Back So You Can Move Forward

5. November 2015 08:32
As the end of the year draws closer, it's a good time to look back on what you've done and make plans for improvement. Here are 5 things to consider when making your goals. [More]