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4 Important Things Most Small Businesses Forget When Training Employees

19. May 2016 08:05
Make sure your employee training includes employee and customer safety, anti-discrimination policies, and visuals to help the new info stick. [More]

3 Summer Trends to Check Out

17. May 2016 07:58
Rieva Lesonsky, CEO of GrowBiz Media, offers small-business owners the scoop on 3 of the summer's biggest trends. See how your business can capitalize on them. [More]

Small Business Spotlight: Fostering a Family Business with Pinch Provisions

6. May 2016 07:55
The CFO of mother-daughter venture Pinch Provisions shares the challenges of working with family and ways to maintain a healthy work-life balance with loved ones. [More]

3 Blunders that Can Tank Your Small Business Culture

2. May 2016 07:46
Small-business owners: think about what you want your company culture to be before you hire new employees. Culture has to be cultivated from the start.[More]

5 Helpful Accounts to Follow for Small Businesses Going Green

14. April 2016 08:15
Want your small business to be both profitable and sustainable? Follow these 5 environmentally focused Twitter accounts for ideas to make your business greener. [More]

How Are Those 2016 Small Business Resolutions Coming?

12. April 2016 07:49
The start of the New Year is hectic, so use Q2 as a chance to reboot your resolutions. Rieva Lesonsky offers 5 tips for getting small business goals back on track. [More]

Spring Cleaning Entrepreneurial Style: 7 Must-Clean Zones

7. April 2016 07:43
Spring cleaning is more than just tidying up the office. Rieva Lesonsky suggests you tidy up your inventory, website, inbox, and bad habits, too. [More]

Commercial Insurance vs. Health Insurance for Small Businesses

30. March 2016 08:04
New small-business owners need to purchase their own health insurance, but they'd be wise to carry these commercial policies to help mitigate their risks, too. [More]

General Liability Insurance & The Case of the $20,000 Puddle

29. March 2016 08:21
The average small business General Liability claim costs $20,000. Here’s why + tips for preventing claims at your business. [More]

Small Business Spotlight: Spring Cleaning with Chaos To Order

28. March 2016 07:57
The founder of Chaos To Order offers spring-cleaning tips and tricks to help small-business owners get organized, decrease clutter, and boost productivity. [More]