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Liability Issues for Therapists Who Offer Distance Therapy

22. January 2014 08:39
Therapists who offer remote counseling have to consider a new set of liability exposures and state compliance guidelines. [More]

Employment Practices Liability Issues for Employment Agencies

3. January 2014 09:30
Small employment agencies should be aware of increasing efforts to enforce EEOC regulations to minimize their likelihood of facing a liability lawsuit. [More]

What Should Your Massage Insurance Cover?

16. December 2013 08:27
Overview of the types of incidents that should be protected by a spa or massage therapy clinic's small business insurance. [More]

Affordable Care Act: Tips to Prevent Malpractice Suits for Your Medical Practice

25. October 2013 09:30
Three tips allied health professionals can use to prevent costly malpractice suits at their healthcare offices. [More]

Pharmacist Found Liable for $1.44 Million in HIPAA Professional Liability Case

19. August 2013 16:57
Find out how pharmacists and other allied health professionals can manage their liability risks from HIPAA. [More]

Forget the Swimming Hole – It’s Sinkhole Season!

14. August 2013 16:30
Find out whether your business needs sinkhole insurance to protect your property from sinkhole damage. [More]

What Is Claims-Made Insurance Coverage?

5. August 2013 16:17
Maximize your odds of receiving payouts from your professional liability insurance policies by following the rules of claims-made coverage policies. [More]

5 Things You Should Know about Janitorial Liability Insurance

13. May 2013 15:05
Own a cleaning service business? Make sure you know these key facts about how to protect your business with janitorial insurance. [More]

Protecting Your Home-Based Business With Insurance

27. March 2013 09:53
Avoid losses for your home-based business by securing adequate insurance.[More]

Ronda Rousey’s Diet Highlights Benefits, Risks for Trainers to Keep in Mind

26. March 2013 10:03
Athletic and personal trainers should be aware of the liability risks associated with providing nutrition advice for their clients. [More]