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Labor Department Helping States Crack Down on Worker Misclassification

27. October 2014 08:06
The Department of Labor is helping states enforce proper worker classification. Find out what this means for small-business owners who hire independent contractors. [More]

The Small-Business Owner's Guide to Contractor Liability Insurance

8. October 2014 08:59
Your contractors may need their own Professional Liability and General Liability policies. Here's how to check for coverage or add them to your policy. [More]

This Common Mistake Can Cost Small Businesses Thousands

1. October 2014 07:49
The difference between an employee and contractor isn't always clear-cut. Learn about a small-business owner's classification mistake that cost her thousands. [More]

$2 Million Fine for Misclassifying Employees

3. July 2014 08:48
A Colorado business paid $2 million for misclassifying its employees. Here’s how you can distinguish between workers and contractors and avoid lawsuits. [More]

What Is Builder’s Risk Insurance?

30. December 2013 09:56
Overview of how Builders Risk Insurance protects contractors and what to look for in a Builders Risk policy. [More]

Senate Bill Takes Aim at Workers’ Comp Misclassification

27. November 2013 09:30
A bill introduced to the Senate would make it more difficult to misclassify workers as contractors in order to save on taxes and mandatory Workers' Compensation expenses. [More]

Plumbers' Future Is Bright as Housing Market Recovers: Infographic

5. November 2013 15:48
Plumbers can expect 27% job growth between 2010 and 2020. Find out what else lies ahead for professionals in the plumbing industry. [More]

Changes Afoot for Liability Insurance Requirements for New York Contractors?

3. September 2013 15:57
Negotiations in New York suggest that changes to the state's General Liability Insurance requirements for contractors and construction workers might finally be in the works. [More]

What Happens When You Don’t Renew Your Insurance Policy

7. August 2013 16:41
The Philly building collapse grows more serious as sources report that the demolition company lacked adequate business insurance. Find out what happens when you go without coverage. [More]

Hot Trend: Bathroom Remodeling

26. April 2013 06:35
Contractors can expect to see a surge in bathroom remodeling requests in 2013. [More]