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What Happens When Small Businesses Violate Workers’ Compensation Laws?

21. February 2014 08:30
Violating Workers' Comp laws can lead to serious fines and big trouble if an employee is injured. [More]

How General Liability Insurance Can Protect Fitness Instructors, Athletic Trainers, and Personal Trainers from Freak Accidents

6. February 2014 11:32
A lawsuit over a man injured at a Crossfit gym highlights one important application of General Liability Insurance benefits. [More]

Liability Issues for Therapists Who Offer Distance Therapy

22. January 2014 08:39
Therapists who offer remote counseling have to consider a new set of liability exposures and state compliance guidelines. [More]

2014 Trends for Fitness Instructors and Trainers

8. January 2014 08:33
Tips to help personal trainers, athletic trainers, and fitness instructors keep revenue strong throughout 2014. [More]

Fitness Instructors and Dietitians: Prep Your Business for the New Year’s Rush

20. December 2013 09:24
Fitness instructors and dietitians can prepare for the New Year's rush by updating their insurance plans to make sure they cover risks from any business changes over the last year. [More]

Virginia Medical Malpractice Suit: When Can a Client Sue Your Orthopedic Practice?

30. October 2013 11:02
A medical malpractice lawsuit in Virginia highlights how medical professionals can prevent medical malpractice lawsuits and finance those that eventually happen. [More]

Affordable Care Act: Tips to Prevent Malpractice Suits for Your Medical Practice

25. October 2013 09:30
Three tips allied health professionals can use to prevent costly malpractice suits at their healthcare offices. [More]

What Obamacare Means to Your Business

23. September 2013 16:21
An overview of what small-business owners can expect from Obamacare requirements set to take effect during the end of September and Beginning of October. [More]

Malpractice Insurance: Do Acupuncturists Need It?

20. September 2013 13:32
How Malpractice Insurance protects independent acupuncturists and what you can do to avoid lawsuits against your acupuncture practice. [More]

Pharmacist Found Liable for $1.44 Million in HIPAA Professional Liability Case

19. August 2013 16:57
Find out how pharmacists and other allied health professionals can manage their liability risks from HIPAA. [More]