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How subcontractor agreements protect your IT business

19. February 2019 17:47
IT business owners can reduce their exposure to liability and ensure that all their subcontractors carry the appropriate insurance by using a written subcontractor agreement for every subcontractor they hire. [More]

How to respond to a social media lawsuit at your business

18. February 2019 18:20
A social media lawsuit, even one that is frivolous or unfounded, costs your business money. Learn more about how to respond to legal threats and ways to protect your business. [More]

How to hire employees for your small business

12. February 2019 23:07
Learning the steps for how to hire employees for your small business can save you time, money, and safeguard you from legal risks. [More]

Protect your business with IT startup insurance policies

11. February 2019 22:42
Startup insurance covers the unique risks that small businesses in the tech industry face every day. [More]

Save money with a small business tax deductions checklist

4. February 2019 18:46
There are numerous ways in which a small business can save money by maximizing tax deductions. [More]

How to start an IT business

3. February 2019 19:06
Do you have a knack for tech and aspirations to start your own business? Use this checklist to learn more about how to start an IT business. [More]


Questions to ask before buying business insurance

3. February 2019 18:35
Whether you’re shopping for a new insurance policy or re-evaluating your business needs, ask the right questions about small business insurance to find the most cost-effective coverage.[More]

5 ways to prevent reputational damage lawsuits

1. February 2019 18:18
If a business or individual believes you’ve caused harm to their reputation, you could face financial losses as a result of a reputational damage lawsuit. Take steps to protect your business. [More]

6 ways to reduce your product liability risk

1. February 2019 17:49
Businesses are responsible for ensuring the safety of their products, and failure to do so can result in costly product liability claims. There are key steps you can take to limit your exposure. [More]

7 ways to prevent slip-and-fall lawsuits

1. February 2019 17:26
Slip-and-fall lawsuits are one of the leading insurable incidents that small business owners face, but there are key steps you can take to limit your risks.[More]
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