Pet Project

A 12-Year-Old Lives His Entrepreneurial Dream
"I want people to know that when they have me pet sit, their pets will be fine."

Care of the Dog

It's not uncommon for a kid who grew up on a farm to love animals. But when that kid figures out how to turn his passion into a business – at 12 years old? That caught our attention. Tony Guertin launched Tony's Pet Sitting because he wanted to help his community. He wanted his neighbors to know that when he watched their pets, the animals would be taken care of, fed, played with, walked every day.

Fur Security

So what kinds of business insurance can help a pet-sitting business like Tony's?

  • General Liability Insurance: This policy helps protect against customer injuries and customer property damage that happen on your business premises.
  • Business Owner's Policy: This policy is actually a bundle that combines General Liability with Commercial Property Insurance. The BOP can protect a business owner's basic liabilities, plus offer protection for its property (like leashes, bowls, toys, cages, beds, and more).

Protecting What Matters Most

Americans will spend about $60 billion on their pets in 2016, which shows exactly how important our furry (and scaly and feathery) friends have become. When pets are treated like members of the family, protecting the people who take care of them is essential.

It's so easy that a kid could do it." – Tony Guertin, 12-year-old owner of Tony's Pet Sitting, on applying for insurance

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