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Missouri's laws require employers with five or more employees to carry Workers' Compensation coverage. If your business is involved in the construction industry, though, compulsory coverage kicks in at one or more employees. This number includes part-times, full-time, temporary, and seasonal employees.

MO Workers' Comp: Key Details

  • Sole proprietors and partners in Missouri are excluded from WC coverage, but can purchase an endorsement for coverage under their Workers' Comp policy.
  • Corporate officers count toward the statutory employee count.
  • The Workers' Compensation Act exempts a very small and specific group of employees, including…
    • Farm laborers.
    • Domestic servants.
    • Certain real estate agents and direct sellers.
    • Commercial motor-carrier owner / operators.
  • You may purchase insurance through a commercial provider or provide self-insurance (if eligible).

Still have questions about how Workers' Compensation works in Missouri? Visit the state's Department of Labor and Industrial Relations.

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