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According to Massachusetts law, all businesses must carry Workers' Compensation Insurance, regardless of the amount of hours worked. Even employees in domestic service must be covered if they work at least 16 hours a week. There are few coverage exceptions—see below for details.

MA Workers' Comp: Key Details

  • In Massachusetts, sole proprietors, partners, and LLC members are not required to carry coverage for themselves, but may elect to be covered under their policy.
  • Family member employees must be covered by Workers' Compensation Insurance even if they are the only employees of the company.
  • Employees exempt from coverage include…
    • Seamen engaged in interstate / foreign commerce.
    • Salesmen of real estate or consumer goods who work on commission.
    • Taxi drivers who lease their cabs on a fee basis not related to fares collected (and who are not treated as an employee under federal tax law).
    • Persons engaged in interstate / foreign commerce who are covered by federal law for compensation for injury or death.
  • Employers operating without insurance are subject to civil fines and / or criminal penalties, including imprisonment, and are subject to a stop work order issued to their business.
    • Civil fines can be up to $ 250 a day.
    • Criminal penalties include a fine of up to $1500, imprisonment for not more than one year, or both.
  • You may purchase coverage through a commercial insurance provider. MA Businesses that meet certain criteria may self-insure.

See more details about Workers' Compensation in Massachusetts from the state's Labor and Workforce Department.

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