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According to Indiana's Worker's Compensation and Occupational Diseases Acts, all workers must be covered by their employer's Workers' Compensation coverage. This includes both public and private employer-employee relationships.

IN Workers' Comp: Key Details

  • Sole proprietors, partners, and LLC members in Indiana are excluded from coverage, but can elect to be included in their Workers' Comp policy.
  • Corporate officers are included in coverage, but can elect to be exempt.
  • Independent contractors in the building and / or construction trades are required to become certified with the Indiana Worker's Compensation Board. Independent contractors' injuries will not be covered by Workers' Compensation. If working as an employee, however, those injuries might be covered.
  • There is no state Workers' Comp fund for Indiana, but you can purchase insurance through a commercial provider. If you qualify, you may also self-insure.

For a complete rundown of Indiana's Workers' Compensation regulations, visit the Workers' Compensation Board of Indiana.

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