Company Insurance


Are you a small-business owner looking for smart ways to mitigate your risks and get your company protected? Whether you're a real estate agent, a doctor, a lawyer, a retail business, a restaurant, or just about any other kind of small business, you'll need business insurance to protect your company and business assets from accidents or lawsuits that may occur.

While it may seem overwhelming to sift through all the information there is to learn about business insurance, working with an expert small-business insurance agent can make all the difference in streamlining the process. Experienced business insurance agents who understand the challenges unique to the small-business world can help you figure out what types of insurance you need, and how to get them at a cost your company can afford.

What Is Company / Business Insurance, Anyway?

There are many types of business insurance out there. Some types, such as Commercial General Liability and Property Insurance, can safeguard your company in the event of mishaps that occur on its premises and result in a lawsuit, or if damage or loss occurs to your business property.

Other types of business insurance, such as Professional Liability Insurance (also known as "Errors and Omissions Insurance") pertain to lawsuits that could stem from allegations of negligence in your professional duties.

Another basic type of company insurance you have probably heard of is Workers' Compensation Insurance, which will pay for medical expenses and court fees resulting from an employee becoming sick or being injured on the job.

Why Do I Need Company Insurance?

All of these scenarios can be extremely costly if you don't have insurance that has your back. Yet many small-business owners put off getting insurance because they believe it's too expensive. Depending on the types of protection you need for your business, the size of the company, the extent of coverage you want to have, and many other factors, the rates you'll pay for your company insurance will vary tremendously. To help aid you in your decision, insureon provides fast and free quotes that can help you determine how much certain types and levels of insurance would cost you.

Balancing your desire to save money with your need for company insurance can, in the long run, save you thousands (or even millions!) if your company gets hit with a claim. Just 15 minutes spent completing an application for a quote could save you countless hours and tons of money. It's worth the time for that kind of safeguard.