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The Small Business Guide to Avoiding Discrimination and Harassment in the Workplace

9. June 2014 08:43
An informative article about how small businesses can avoid workplace harassment, hiring and firing discrimination, and other violations of EEO law. [More]

Recruiting & Hiring Tips for Small Businesses: Avoid Discrimination While Hiring

6. June 2014 08:29
Find out which questions are off-limits when recruiting and hiring for your business. Avoid discrimination lawsuits and find the best employees for the job. [More]

What Is Employment Practices Liability Insurance (EPLI)?

5. June 2014 08:42
Employment Practices Liability Insurance protects employers from employee lawsuits over discrimination. Find out how it affects small-business owners. [More]

Hiring an Employee? Know What Can Go Wrong

4. June 2014 08:26
An informative article with an overview of employment discrimination, protected classes, and wrongful termination lawsuits. [More]

Do I Need a Workers’ Compensation Lawyer?

3. June 2014 08:25
Employees are usually the ones to hire Workers’ Compensation lawyers, but small-business owners will need one in the event of an Employer’s Liability lawsuit. [More]

How Do I Use Workers’ Compensation Class Codes?

2. June 2014 08:43
Learn how classification codes affect your Workers’ Comp premium. [More]

What Is a State Compensation Insurance Fund?

29. May 2014 08:42
Learn more about purchasing Workers’ Compensation Insurance through state-funded insurance programs. [More]

What Is the Health and Safety Act?

28. May 2014 08:25
American small-business owners don’t need to worry about the Health and Safety Act, but it does serve as a reminder that our Worker’s Comp program is governed by state law. [More]

Funeral Insurance, Accident Insurance, & Critical Illness Insurance: Protect Your Business from Worst Case Scenarios

27. May 2014 08:31
Funeral insurance, accident insurance, and critical illness insurance often mean different things inside and outside of the workplace. Get definitions here. [More]

What Is Employer’s Liability Insurance?

22. May 2014 09:03
Employer's Liability Insurance is usually part of a Workers' Comp policy. See why it can pay for employee work injuries that Workers' Comp doesn't cover. [More]